Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our Fairytale

As I was watching the Bachelor last night, it made me really think about my relationship with Shane. I am not going to sit here and and rant about how the show ended, even though I thought it was horrible! I married a wonderful man! We have our moments when it is not so wonderful, but for the most part, I couldn't ask for more.

I really loved the book that Molly gave Jason about their fairytale! I thought that it was super cute. It followed their whole relationship from the beginning. I would love to do something like that for me and Shane. I also think that it is something that our children and grandchildren could appreciate when they got older. I can chronicle everything from our first date to our wedding and everything in between. I could even go further than that and update it with special memories for our whole life together.

Does anyone have any idea as to what I can include?

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Let's see, where do I begin...

I believe that I have been sick for at least a month straight. It started right before we went on our Christmas trip to Pigeon Forge with my family, and it has not gotten any better. It is a horrible head cold. I guess I can blame a lot of it on the weather. I wish it would just either stay cold or warm. My body can't take much more of it being 29 degrees for a couple of days and then jumping back up into the 60s!

I am ready for things to be easy again. Shane was out of work for a great deal of the time last year, which means that my measly little paycheck was covering all of our expenses. All of our savings are gone, we had to use that just to keep our head above water. He is back to work now, and I guess that I just expected things to go back to the way they used to be. But now we are having to start from the beginning, building our savings back up and paying off some other things that built up when he was out of work. I know this sounds really petty of me, but I just want to be able to go out and buy stuff and not have to think about the consequences.

I won't even go into detail about the work situation. I am just tired of the drama, and I am tired of doing the job of 3 different people. If certain people would just stay at their desk and not wonder off all day, then everything wouldn't fall on me! I would love to find some other type of employment, but frankly, I just can't gamble on taking a pay cut or losing the time off that I have accumulated while being here. To be fair, it can be a great place to work, if everyone else is doing their job. And, come May, they are going to pay for some classes for me so I can finish my degree.

And lastly, I really want to find a church that me and Shane both enjoy and really feel a part of. I really need that constant in my life.

So, here is what I need from you the reader. I need you to pray that I will keep my head and my heart in the right place at all times. Also, pray for strength for both me and Shane to make it through all of this on top. I know that it can happen as long as God is in it.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resoultions

We all make New Years Resolutions, but we don't always keep them. I am the world worst, and every year I say it is going to be different. Well, 2009 is going to be my year. I am set some small goals for myself this year, and I am very confident that I can achieve them. I am going to post them below, so hopefully, that will hold me accountable! I guess we will see how I do. I will keep you updated through out the year upon completing them.

1. I think that I could really get into keeping up this blog. I am hopefully going to post more than just once a month! I love the idea of writing down my thoughts and posting pictures along with it for my friends and family to share in the experiences.

2. I want to take more time for myself this year. Don't get me wrong, I love being married to my husband and doing things with him, but this last year has been all about him and his band and fixing up the house. I need movie and dinner nights with my friends, spa and shopping days. I know Shane is not going to care at all. He tries to get me to go do things for myself. Well, after the last few months, I agree, and in 2009, I will do just that.

3. Not many people know this, but I am a very creative and crafty person. I love taking pictures. I have taken some great scenic pictures that I would like to frame and hang in our house. I would love for the only art work in the house to be mine!

4. I would like for Shane and I to travel more this year, even if it is just to get away for the weekend. I would love for us to take a really great anniversary trip. We had planned to do that in 2008, but there were some other things that came up that got in our way.

5. I know that every woman out there says that they are going to lose weight in the coming year, but mine is different. I don't have a set amount that I want to lose, I just want to live a more healthy life style and have more energy. If that means that I lose weight in the process, then that is even better! I would love to start doing Yoga. I also need to start drinking more water!

Well, I think that is it for now. I wish all of my friends and family more success and happiness in the coming year! Until next time...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

OK, I must apologize for not posting in forever. I have been a busy little beaver! Work has been crazy, but good. I have also been getting some information about going back to school. I have decided that I am going to be a professional student and stay in school until I know everything about everything! Of course I am just kidding, but it is time to finish that degree!

Shane's band has really been taking off as well. They performed at an open mike night in Dalton, Ga about a month ago and then just last weekend they performed a whole show in Trenton, Ga. A restaurant owner has also contacted them about setting up something a little more permanent! I am so happy for him. This is his dream, and I am glad that I get to be a part of it.

I promise to post more regularly now that things are starting to slow down a little. It is also my favorite time of the year so I am sure me and Shane will have plenty of adventures to share with you! Until then...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's New

Just a little introduction....

Shane and I were married on August 25, 2007 in a very small ceremony in Chickamauga Georgia. It is so strange to think that almost a year has past. So much has changed in that year. In February, we moved into our first house. It is a little fixer upper right down the road from where we got married. There is so much to be done and not enough time or money to do it in, but we love it and couldn't be happier with the place! I plan to post before and after pictures as we go along so stay tuned for that!

Other than dealing with the house, we are pretty busy. Shane and his cousins just started a band, so that keeps him busy. He also has 2 children that we have every other weekend. That definitely keeps us busy! There is never a dull moment when they are around.

I just bought a new camera, and enjoy taking tons of pictures. I love to read and I am trying to get into scrap booking. I just never seem to have the time to do that. I love to be crafty. I think that is why fixing up our house is so much fun to me. I work as a research assistant for a company in Chattanooga,TN and plan to go back to school next fall to finish my teaching degree.

This is just scratching the surface. More to come later!